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There’s more than just the Lambcast in the Lamb Podcasting Network and each week I’m here to share some of the other shows worth listening to that have released an episode within the past week, if you’re not subscribed to all of the network shows, make sure you stop by here in case you find something new that you fancy, I will also toss in the occasional news and featured episode. Descriptions of the episodes are taken from the posts themselves.

Also, if you’re a member of the LPN and have any announcements: hiatuses, returns, call for guests feel free to let me know and I’ll feature it on one of these posts. Now, onto the shows!


Subject: Cinema’s Three Minute Weekend has a new trailer. For those of you who want to help support eCinemaOne’s weekly mini-episodes, you now have a trailer that tells you what it’s all about. Download it here and Check out the latest episode here.

Filmwhys #55

Battle Royale and Captain America 2: Death Too Soon

Episode #55 of the Why Haven’t You Seen This Film Podcast where my guests are Jeff and Chris from the Really Awful Movies Podcast who ask me why I hadn’t seen Battle Royale, a violent Asian film that draws a lot of parallels to the Hunger Games except that it came out ten years earlier and was banned due to the violence. And in return, I ask them why they hadn’t seen Captain America 2: Death Too Soon, the 1979 TV movie that had very little to do with the actual comic book, but had Christopher Lee in it.

InSession Film #129

Fantastic Four & Top 3 Superpowers

This week on the InSession Film Podcast, we talk a lot about the mess of Fox’s new Fantastic Four, which of course features some interesting characters with some well-known superpowers. And who wouldn’t want to have a superpower? The idea of being able to fly or read people’s minds is endlessly fascinating and it’s fun to think about how it would change our lives in the real world. So, going off of our discussion of Fantastic Four, we decided to talk about our favorite superpowers that we’d like to have that we’ve seen used in film.

Also this week Extra Film: Vacation and Paper Towns

Simplistic Reviews Podcast #52

Never Too Young To Die Commentary

A secret agent is murdered! Can his son, a high school gymnast, along with a spy catch the man/woman who killed him? Team up with DJ and Justin to find out on the next Monday Night Movie Night!

Secret agent Drew Stargrove is brutally murdered by the ruthless Van Ragnar. In this action-packed Bond-style thriller, the murdered secret agent’s son, Lance Stargrove is thrust into the dangerous and intriguing world of secret agents and espionage when he seeks revenge against Van Ragnar. Danja Deerling teams up with Lance as his sidekick and love interest.

Movie Mavericks #278

Straight Outta Compton, The Man from UNCLE predictions

Episode two-hundred and seventy eight. Join hosts Trevor and Jason as they discuss the latest in movie news, box office numbers and trailers. Box Office Ace Predictions: Straight Outta Compton, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Trivial Trivia: In the movie Gremlins; What are the three rules for keeping a Mogwai from turning into a Gremlin?
Debate/Conversation Topic: Conversation with Director Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, Repo. the Gentic Opera)
Reviews: Road Hard, Paranoia, Playing It Cool, The Identical, Blackhat, Mortdecai
Streaming Online Pick of the Week: Blue Mountain State
Trailer Addict: Deadpool, Zoolander 2, and more

Subject: Cinema #493

THIS WEEK: OMG – it’s HERO HEAT IX! Wow, nine years – and more hero films than you can shake a stick at! And this year, it’s ALL ANIMATED! Join us for some of the best superhero films on the planet, and all our usual special features too! MICRO FOCUS – “Doctor Strange: The Supreme Sorcerer” FREEZE FRAME – What Hollywood got wrong about Fantastic Four DRIVE IN DUNGEON – “Captain America (1979 TV movie)” FETHIVAL FLASH – Fantastic Fest first titles REWIND REVIEW – “Mateo” CURRENT REVIEWS – “Steak (R)Evolution”, “I Dream Of Wires”, “Shaun The Sheep Movie” PLUS MORE!

Cinema in Noir

Chat with Tichina Arnold

Hosted by Candice Frederick, Kimberly Renee, and ReBecca Theodore-Vachon, “Cinema in Noir” covers the latest casting news, reviews, and interviews with the best and brightest talent in film. In this edition we will chat with Survivor’s Remorse star Tichina Arnold. We also discuss the the news of Keiynan Lonsdale being cast as Wally West in The Flash

Really Awful Movies #50

The Apple

In this 1979 Cannon Group musical mega-flop, competing acts take to the stage in a song contest not unlike the Euro Vision one. Anyway, a Canadian folk duo is robbed of their potential song contest win when BIM Records sabotages their performance with a high-pitched squeal from backstage (it’s folk music, so who would know?) Soon though, the young Canadians are tempted in a Garden of Eden fashion (yep, that’s where the title’s derived, not the other Beatles’ Apple) We find out that underhanded deals are being signed (hey, it’s the music business after all) and that in the far future (1994!) the music industry became so powerful and so indelibly linked to everyone’s very existence, that the label BIM has soared to basically Apple-like prominence in the zeitgeist (Apple Computers that is). Guess nobody saw Napster coming. In its one-star review, Slant said, “every song in the goddamned movie sucks.” Our slant is that there are a few good ones that’ll leave you humming for days, and that this disaster is pretty damn fun, with hilarious set-pieces and lost-in-translation elements (it was conceived as a Hebrew stage musical). Please take a bite out of this Apple (and “don’t mind the maggots” to quote the Stones’ Shattered)

Also this week #50B The Bite

Across the Universe#48

As Inside/ Out takes the film world by storm, the chicks travel 20 years back in time and review Toy Story, followed by all other feature films Pixar has produced so far. We find out that some films are more Pixar than others and some are definitely more memorable than others (or maybe some of us just should have done some more re-watching). Sofia finds out that she is actually a Pixar fan while Mette fangirls about Finding Nemo and Nik speaks of her least secret Pixar fantasy (this podcast also serves as her application to work at the Pixar cafeteria).
We apologize for the length and also the lateness of this episode.

Mad, Bad, and Downright Strange Showcase #23

Don’t Look Now/Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Jess Manso (French Toast Sunday) joins me for another episode, as we don our Hawaiian shirts and fill the car with a grapefruits to look at Terry Gilliam’s adaptation for Hunter S. Thompson’s classic novel “Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas”. We’ll also be hunting for a girl in a red coat and trying to not look at Donald Sutherland’s questionable toupee in “Don’t Look Now” All this plus Jess shares her drinking game ideas, I fanboy out over Hunter S. Thompson as well as the return of the event movie plus much more!!

French Toast Sunday Podcast #243

Unlikely Movie Duos

After a brief detour talking about TV, the gang gets into their favorite movie odd couples.

Walt Sent Me #37

Ed Wood

You are interested in the unknown, the mysterious, the unexplainable…that is why you are here. Can your heart stand to hear Kristen and Todd joined by Elwood Jones to talk about Tim Burton’s 1994 biopic Ed Wood on the latest episode of Walt Sent Me? They also talk about the 1995 Mickey Mouse short Runaway Brain.

Exploding Helicopter #12

“Ain’t nothin’ in the world get Black Dynamite more mad than some jive ass sucka dealin’ smack to the kids!” Pour yourself a large glass of Anaconda Malt Liquor, and relax with Exploding Helicopter’s review of blaxsploitation send-up Black Dynamite (2009). On this show Will is joined by DJ Valentine from Simplistic Reviews to chew the fat about the state of genre parodies, the kung-fu skills of US Presidents, and whether this film features the greatest White House exploding helicopter scene ever.

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