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There’s more than just the Lambcast in the Lamb Podcasting Network and each week I’m here to share some of the other shows worth listening to that have released an episode within the past week, if you’re not subscribed to all of the network shows, make sure you stop by here in case you find something new that you fancy, I will also toss in the occasional news and featured episode. Descriptions of the episodes are taken from the posts themselves.

Also, if you’re a member of the LPN and have any announcements: hiatuses, returns, call for guests feel free to let me know and I’ll feature it on one of these posts. Now, onto the shows!

Forgotten Filmcast #56

Saturn 3

On the latest episode of the Forgotten Filmcast we journey into the realm of post-Star Wars science fiction. Todd is joined by Joseph Sheldahl from Brutal Beta to look at the 1980 film Saturn 3, starring Kirk Douglas, Farrah Fawcett and Harvey Keitel with a dubbed voice.

Father Nerds Best #17

Less Exciting Than a Presidential Debate

This week Steven and Shane were supposed to talk about Shane’s recent vacation, but the conversation quickly turns to comic book movies. They comment on the recently released Deadpool trailer, the early negative reviews of the Fantastic Four reboot, and their favorite Ragin’ Cajun, Gambit. Enjoy.

French Toast Sunday #244

Top 5 Actresses of the Last 5 Years

After a brief detour talking about TV, the gang gets into their favorite movie odd couples.

The Lair of the Unwanted #111

Does a Mutated Bear Shit in the Woods?

Jason and Nolahn are use to getting movie recommendations from their listeners but for the first time ever, Jason’s sister-in-law recommended this movie for them and decided to check it out. It features a mutated bear and a pointless Talia Shire. You should check it out. We also Come Clean about what animal would we be less afraid of if mutated and for the first time in a billion years we read YOUR FEEDBACK!! WOW!!!!

Really Awful Movies #51

Nudity in Horror

When it comes to horror, people like blood, gore and for better or for worse, gratuitous nudity. Can it ever be too much? Does it have to serve a purpose? Why is the genre known for the prevalence of nudity? More permissive cultural attitudes in the 60s, were quickly reflected in horror. We discuss pioneers of the genre, Corman, H.G. Lewis et al, 80s slashers like Friday the 13th and Hospital Massacre and what teens wanted to see at the drive-in.

Also this week: #52 Death Force

Simplistic Reviews Podcast #53

Alright! Alright! The world can keep on spinning, cuz The Simplistic Reviews Podcast is back! The irreverency level of the podcasting universe has just gone up as the boys barrel back into the world of movies and television once again. First they catch up with some of the stuff they missed with our annual segment Can You Dig It. Then the boys do a postmortem of True Detective Season 2 and sell Justin on the USA Network Show Mr. Robot. The boom boxes are held high to close off the show as they once again play the game Simply Say Anything.

Hulk Hogan is dealt with, Sesame Street is repurposed, Hateful 8 is dismissed for legal reason, and The Fantastic Four is laughed at…all on this return episode of the Simplistic Reviews Podcast.

Subject: Cinema #494

Hero Heat IX Animated Heat III

THIS WEEK: OMG – it’s HERO HEAT IX! Wow, nine years – and more hero films than you can shake a stick at! And this year, it’s ALL ANIMATED! Join us for some of the best superhero films on the planet, and all our usual special features too!
MICRO FOCUS – “Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths”
FREEZE FRAME – MX4D is here!
FETHIVAL FLASH – New York Film Festival announces slate
DEJA VIEW – “Captain America: The First Avenger!”
CURRENT REVIEWS – “Tom At The Farm” (Redux), “Counting”, “Ricki And The Flash”, “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”

Also this week: Three Minute Weekend

Movie Mavericks #279

American Ultra, Hitman, Sinister 2 Predictions

Episode two-hundred and seventy nine. Join hosts Trevor and Jason as they discuss the latest in movie news, box office numbers and trailers. Box Office Ace Predictions: American Ultra, Hitman, Sinister 2. Trivial Trivia: What is the movie with the most uses of the word “fuck” and its derivatives (237) to win the Best Picture Oscar? Debate/Conversation Topic: Kindergarten Cop 2: Photos Show Set of Sequel to Kindergarten Cop and Dolph Lundgren. Reviews: Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation, Aloha,and more. Streaming Online Pick of the Week: Seeking A friend for the End of the World, If I Stay, Homefront. Trailer Addict: Ride Along 2, The Hateful Eight, and more

InSession Film #130

Straight Outta Compton, Top 3 Music Biopics

Warning: Because of the nature of this show, the music and video clips may contain uncut language we normally edit out. This week on the InSession Film Podcast, Brendan takes the week off but we are joined by Richard Newby from Audiences Everywhere who joins us to discuss Straight Outta Compton, the N.W.A biopic taking the box office by storm. Going off of that, we also discuss our Top 3 music biopics and we start a new segment called Soundcheck, talking our favorite uses of music in film. Huge thanks to Richard once again for joining us this week, who was an absolute wonderful guest filling in for Brendan. We had a lot of fun with this show and hopefully you enjoy our new music segment!

Also, don’t miss our latest Extra Film where we discuss Woody Allen’s Irrational Man and The Stanford Prison Experiment.

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