PLUG: 5 Movies on an Island Blogathon

by Jay Cluitt · April 9, 2016 · Plugs · No Comments

In celebration of National Classic Movie Day on May 16th, the Classic Film & TV Cafe will host a one-day 5 Movies on an Island Blogathon.
Five Movies Blogathon
The intent is for participants to write about the five classic movies they’d want to have with them if stranded on a deserted island. (Yes, you can assume you have electricity, a projector, big screen, and popcorn!) These might be your all-time five favorite movies. Or, you might mix in some “comfort films” to give your tropical habitat that desired “homey feel.” Just be sure to describe your criteria when you list your five films. Since this blogathon is for National Classic Movie Day, please list classic films–not current ones!

If you wish to participate, please read the Cafe’s blogathon guidelines first. If you’re good with them, then send your blog’s name and web address in an e-mail to: Do not send your list of five films; the Cafe will publish a link to the list on your blog. Please ensure that your list of five films is published no later than May 15th.

Got something to plug that the rest of the LAMB can participate in? OK, don’t get all crazy about it. Just click here and give me the details (what, when, where, and a link, for starters) – I’ll handle the rest.