Lambcast #322 Lambpardy!

by Jay Cluitt · May 27, 2016 · Featured, LAMBcast, Lambpardy, Podcasts · 2 Comments

It’s Lambpardy time again!
Jay Cluitt is on hosting duties and Aaron Neuwirth is back to try and defend his title against contenders Mette Kowalski and Lambcast newcomer Kellee Pratt. Who will be victorious? Listen to find out!

Thanks to Todd Liebenow and Darren Lucas for submitting questions for today’s show.

Also on tap: Rants and Raves of the Week and Last Lamb Standing!

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2 Responses to Lambcast #322 Lambpardy!

  1. Dar says:

    Aaron is too good on the game, he’s ruining it. Have him on only every third game or so to challenge two winners.

    Also, you’re very inconsistent with the “clues”. You tell the contestants to answer “in the form of a question”, yet you (the host) sometimes give the clues in either their proper “Jeopardy” form and sometimes in normal “question form”.

    Also, for God’s sake, why add additional games when the “Lampardy” is already so long. Are you legally obligated to to go as long as humanly durable?

    • Jay Cluitt says:

      Thank you for your feedback Dar! Aaron is very good at the game, but this is only the third traditional Lambpardy game he has won, with the longest streak being five games. If his undefeated reign continues then we’ll review the situation, but at present it’s my job to find questions he can’t answer!

      My apologies for the inconsistency of the “clues”. It’s a poor excuse, but I’m relatively unfamiliar with Jeopardy. As far as I know it never made it to the UK, and I’ve only watched one game on Youtube, plus the SNL skits. I shall endeavour to be more consistent in the future.

      And Last Lamb Standing is a staple of the show! We play it every week, and it seems for many of the guests it’s their favourite part. This show only clocked in at about 80 minutes, which compared to many others is relatively short. Regardless I’ll take the feedback on board. Thanks for listening!

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