The Movie of the Month for March 2018 is…

by Jay Cluitt · February 23, 2018 · Featured, MOTM, MOTM Champions · No Comments

The latest Movie of the Month has been decided upon!


The votes are in for the next Movie of the Month. The site has been down for a little while so I wasn’t sure if we’d get to actually announce this in time, but fortunately everything is sorted now (thanks Joel!) so normality can resume. As the voting time was therefore a little limited, any of this month’s participants are more than welcome to resubmit their films for May if they so choose. Anyway, the Movie of the Month for March 2018 is… The Mummy.

Congratulations go to Audrey from 1001 Movies and Beyond for successfully championing The Mummy to victory. As such she also gets the opportunity to host the upcoming Lambcast show devoted to it.  On the day that show is posted, here on the LAMB site you’ll also find links from the rest of the LAMB community dedicated to the film. If you have any reviews, features or podcasts about The Mummy, send a link to Jay on jaycluitt(at) by March 5th.

Here are the results of this month’s poll:

1001 Movies and Beyond will be ineligible to champion a MOTM contender for the next three months. The Popcorn Auteur still has two months of ineligibility left. Kirkham A Movie A Day will be ineligible for one more month. MovieRob is now eligible again.

If you would like to submit a film for April’s Movie of the Month (franchise special), get in touch!

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