The Movie of the Month for February 2019 is…

by Jay Cluitt · January 22, 2019 · Featured, MOTM, MOTM Champions · No Comments

The latest Movie of the Month has been decided upon!

To celebrate the Lambcast co-host’s birthday month, we let Richard select all the contenders for February’s Movie of the Month poll, and he’ll be hosting the upcoming Lambcast on it, so the surprise here isn’t who wins, but which film they picked that everyone else voted for. It was a very close-run race, with just one vote separating the top two options, but for February’s we’ll be looking at… Tombstone!

If you have any reviews, features or podcasts on Tombstone, please send a link to Jay (thelambcast(at) by Monday February 4th, and they will be linked to on the LAMB site along with the podcast episode.

Here are the results of this month’s poll:

We’ve changed the rules for excluding winners. Instead of three months it’s now a full calendar year for standard MOTM wins, although winners may still enter and win up to one special MOTM (April: franchise, June: female director, October: horror, December: holiday) a year as well. As such Almost Ginger and Kirkham A Movie A Day are ineligible for the rest of 2019.

If you would like to submit a film for March’s Movie of the Month (no theme), get in touch!