Vote for the winner of the Sports Movie Draft!

by Jay Cluitt · January 30, 2019 · Draft, Poll · 1 Comment

On this week’s Lambcast we held a Sports Movie Draft, in which Richard, Sean, Mark, Todd, Matt and eventually Jay all competed to build the best team of sports movies. You can listen to the show here, then vote for whichever team you think is best!

Richard’s Team (Slap Shot, Bull Durham, Breaking Away, The Longest Yard [1974], Warrior)

Sean’s Team (Rocky, Hoop Dreams, Million Dollar Baby, Caddyshack, Bang The Drum Slowly)

Mark’s Team (Goon, Swimfan, A League Of Their Own, Lagaan, Cool Runnings)

Todd’s Team (Raging Bull, Eight Men Out, Hoosiers, Shaolin Soccer, Miracle)

Matt’s Team (White Men Can’t Jump, Moneyball, He Got Game, Any Given Sunday, No Holds Barred)

Jay’s Team (Jerry Maguire, Field Of Dreams, Dodgeball, A Knight’s Tale, Space Jam)

Vote for the team you like best:

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