Vote for the winner of the Movie Monster Draft!

by Jay Cluitt · March 29, 2020 · Draft, Poll · No Comments

We just held a Movie Monster Draft on the Lambcast, and now you get to vote for the winning team! You can listen to the show here. Who do you think built the best team of movie monsters? The poll is at the bottom of the page, but first: the teams!

Amanda’s Team (The Thing [The Thing, 1982], Werewolf [An American Werewolf in London], Pennywise [It, 2017], Death Angels [A Quiet Place], Evil Ash [Army of Darkness])

Mark’s Team (Trantor [Ernest Scared Stupid], The Crawlers [The Descent], Graboids [Tremors], Kaiju [Colossal], Jojo the Clownzilla [Killer Klowns from Outer Space])

Nick’s Team (Xenomorph [Alien], Godzilla [Godzilla vs Biollante], Pinhead [Hellraiser], Pyramidhead [Silent Hill], Chernabog [Fantasia])

Richard’s Team (Jerry Dandridge [Fright Night, 1985], The Id [Forbidden Planet], Gremlin [Twilight Zone: The Movie], Flying Monkeys [Wizard of Oz], The Crooked Man [The Conjuring 2])

Jay’s Team (Audrey II [Little Shop of Horrors, 1986], King Kong [King Kong, 2005], Brundlefly [The Fly, 1986], Pale Man [Pan’s Labyrinth], Ursula [The Little Mermaid])

Whose movie is best? Vote now!

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