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The cinemas may be open in some places around the world and imminently open elsewhere, but here on the Lambcast we’re still talking about other films. Which ones? Why, the ones we’ve been
watching lately!

Jay and Richard were joined by Amanda, Howard and Tony to discuss a few under-seen gems before tackling an unintentionally hot-button issue, followed by some rants and raves and then a game in
which everyone loses their minds, even you! Enjoy!

00:00 Introductions
01:57 Howard ranks the Bond actors
07:07 Richard takes us on a trip to City Island
24:06 Tony isn’t playing in Punishment Park
33:29 Amanda is our new Overlord
45:02 Howard pours over Steel Rain
52:16 Jay’s film choice might have Gone With The Wind
82:21 Rants, Raves & Reviews
104:12  The Semi-logues Game
111:00 Plugs
122:02 Out-takes

Show Notes:
Bill & Ted Face the Music trailer
Off Menu PodcastGreg Davies, Paul F Tompkins, Armando Iannucci, Anthony Head, Kumail Nanjiani
Escape From Vault Disney Podcast
Cheap Show Podcast
The Horne Section PodcastAl Murray, Tim Vine, Greg Davies
The Horne Section – Grandaddy (live)
Kyle Kallgren – The Watermelon Woman

Tony’s Plugs
Coogs ReviewLost Transmissions, Supernova, Anti-Gone, Artemis Fowl

Amanda’s Plugs
Hollywood Consumer
Catching Up podcast

Howard’s Plugs
Rantings and Ravings
Pop Art – Aliens & Attack the Block, Adaptation & Sunset Boulevard

Richard’s Plugs
Kirkham A Movie A DayBecky
Catching Up podcast

Jay’s Plugs
Life Vs FilmThe Last Metro
Movies, Films & Flix – Pixar Ranking

LAMB Plugs
Acting School: Frances McDormand
Director’s Chair: Amma Asante introduction
Vote for July’s MOTM:

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