Lambcast #580 April MOTM The Thin Man Franchise

by Richard Kirkham · April 21, 2021 · Featured, Franchise, LAMBcast · No Comments

Death and murder and violence are all over these movies, but you will hardly notice at all. There is no bloodshed, there is usually a musical interlude, and the most important element of the films is not the plot but the characters. Howard Casner championed “The Thin Man” series to victory in the latest MOTM poll and he takes over as host for our discussion of these classic films.

Howard and Richard are joined by a number of other sleuths who found the mystery behind the enduring popularity of these characters. Lisa Leaheey, Jess Manzo and The Vern all tracked down the six films of the series and tell you whether or not you should watch and why. Spoiler alert, you definitely should. 


Nick and Nora Charles are not your typical gumshoes, for instance, they really don’t get paid to do what they are doing. Another reason is that they usually are dressed much to well for the crowd of ruffians, cops, suspects and other crime buffs, after all, they have a cocktail party to attend while they are figuring out who done it.

William Powell and Myrna Lot sparkle as the dynamic detective duo. Not dynamic in the action sense but in the verbal sense. They are always quick with a quip or a smackdown, often of each other but in the most loving way you can imagine. These two scream screen chemistry and the resulting formula works over and over again. 


Even when the complication of a child is added to the equation, Nick and Nora still manage to make sexual attraction in the 1930s and 40s seem real. The presence of Asta, their loyal but not very courageous Fox Terrier also adds to the fun in every film. 


So come spend a quick two hours with the Lamb Detectives as we skip through the plot and get right to the good stuff. Heck, the Vern even sings at one point (don’t worry, it’s not long). We have the usual Rants/Raves/and Reviews and Howard created a special game to finish it all off with. The show was your choice so there is no reason not to download now and start agreeing with us. 


Keep your eyes open for some famous suspects and crooks, you never know which future Hollywood star is going to show up.


Spoiler Filled Discussion   3:45

Rants/Raves/Reviews   1:23:34

The Usual Suspects Game   1:44:30

Plugs   1:55:20


Lisa  The Critical Movie Critics

Howard  Pop Art

Jess   French Toast Sunday

The Vern  Cinema Recall Podcast

Richard   Kirkham a Movie A Day


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