Lambcast #587 Decade Lookback 1988

by Richard Kirkham · June 8, 2021 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments

We are getting close to a summer full of Lambcasts that will focus on new films, but before we hit that groove we have a couple shows that do dig into the past a bit. This is the second of our decade lookback shows. First we skip around on the decades and then we pick a year in that decade. Our guests this week were tasked with creating a Top Five list of their choice for 1988. Everyone has some criteria that overlap but there are definitely some distinct choices here.

Howard Casner cruises through his Criterion Channel, Todd Liebenow also goes Criterion but spent time on the library supported streaming services, Tony Coogan finds five movies that strongly influenced him as a film fan, Richard thumbs through his Laserdiscs and David Brook, who joined us at the last minute has some animated treasures from this year.


While we do get some more obscure films on the list, there are also some well known treasure that our crew simply refused to ignore just to be different. Let’s face it, if we didn’t have “Die Hard” somewhere on the list, the LAMB community will be all over us. We had gone through a previous episode on this format without any overlap, but no such luck here. Pineapple Kiosk shows up more than once on this show. 


There are brutal animated experiences, light hearted comedies, a rom-com or two and some films that you should certainly think about seeing. Come and discover if we have something that we can convince you to add to your watchlist. We also have a wide variety of backgrounds so you will hear some stories about these films that are not necessarily available any where else. 


We even get a reference to “Deep Blue Sea” but probably not the one you are thinking of. 


Lists   4:05

Rants/Raves/Reviews   1:55:45

Plugs   2:09:15

Howard   Pop Art   

David   Blueprint Review   

Tony   Coog’s Reviews   

Todd   Forgotten Film Cast   In and Around Denver   

Richard   80s Nostalgia Central   Catching Up Podcast  


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