Lambcast #617 Top Ten Films of 2021

by Richard Kirkham · January 4, 2022 · Featured, LAMBcast, Uncategorized · No Comments
On this week’s show, we say farewell to 2021, or maybe it’s good riddance. The last year created a lot of problems for the cinema business but we still managed to get some good films in theaters for audiences to enjoy. The five voices on this show had some wide ranging opinions on the films that were released in 2021, including whether or not films were actually 2021. Release schedules around the world differ and it did not help that the studios rescheduled as often as some people get a refill on their popcorn.

Between us we had nearly forty different movies we wanted to honor. Inevitably there was a little overlap, but there was only one film that was on each of the five guest’s lists. You’ll have to listen to find out. Let’s just say the phrase “pineapple kiosk” was used more frequently than “licorice pizza”.

We also had a number of Lambs who could not be on the show, submit their end of the year lists as well and we read them into the show so you get even more perspective than you might imagine.

Don’t be shy about sharing your own lists in the comments section. This is the place for all kinds of opinions, no one is excluded because of their nationality, political bent, Covid status or their enjoyment of the films of Uwe Boll. We also have some quick Rants/Raves and Reviews for you. 


Top Ten Lists from Guests 10 thru 8  3:20

Top Ten from Lambs Not Present Round 1   30:40

Top Ten Lists from Guests 7 through 5   34:20

Top Ten From Lambs Not Present Round 2  1:05:30

Top Ten Lists from Guests 4 through 2    1:08:30

Top Ten From Lambs Not Present Round 3   1:47:14

Number One From the Guests   1:50:15

Rants /Raves/Reviews   2:09:00

The Collective List from this Show   

Aaron Neuwirth   

Serena Seghedoni  

Lisa Leaheey   

Chris Tanski   

Matthew Simpson   

Mark Hofmeyer  

Jeanette Ward

LeAnne Lindsay 

Paul McGuire Grimes   

Amanda Kirkham   

Brian Eggert  

JD Duran  

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