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It’s Lambpardy time again, with the start of a whole new tournament!

Three new Lambpardy players – one’s played before, one’s been on the Lambcast before and the third is new to all listeners (unless you listen to his show) – are here for the first show of the first round of a whole new Lambpardy tournament! Two thirds of the First Time Watchers podcast take on each other and one-third of the Simplistic Reviews guys in a battle that’s friend-against-friend-against-friend, but will they remain that way by the end of the show? Listen to find out!:

This month the contestants are:
Tim Costa – First Time Watchers
Walter Vinci – First Time Watchers
Matthew Stewart – Simplistic Reviews

Jay Cluitt – Life vs Film, Deep Blue Sea: The Podcast

Questions submitted by:
Rob – MovieRob
Howard Casner – Pop Art
Marc Armstead – French Toast Sunday

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