Lambcast #622 Moonfall/Roland Emmerich Lookback

by Richard Kirkham · February 8, 2022 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments

The Master of Disaster is back with maybe the most preposterous end of the world scenario in his long string of such films. Writer/Producer/Director Roland Emmerich has been entertaining us with outlandish disaster films since 1996 with “Independence Day”. In that film aliens destroy the world, in “Godzilla” a giant iguana takes out the city of New York. Ancient Mayan calendars get it right when the Earth’s core stops spinning in “2012”. Terrorists explode the White House, the Capital, Air Force One and large chunks of Washington D.C. in “White House Down”. We all freeze our asses off in “The Day After Tomorrow” and in “10,000 B.C.” wooly mammoths stampede early man. If you sit down to one of his films, you know something is going to be wiped out at some point.

This year a new enemy of the planet is discovered, and it is closer than any comet or exploding sun. Our own Moon turns into a threat when it’s orbit around the Earth is mysteriously altered and it comes increasingly close to toppling some high peaks on our home world. Is this a natural disaster, a self inflicted science gone wrong scenario or are we under attack from aliens? You will have to listen this week to find out.

The long lost Tim Costa from “First Time Watchers” returns to the show with regulars Jeanette Ward, Heather Baxendale-Walsh, and Lisa Leaheey. We also add a first time guest Joe Campbell from “Film Illiterates” to the cast, because if you are going for a disaster film, you better have a bigger pool of guests to lose along the way. 

“Over the Top” is a phrase that will certainly represent the whole filmography of Emmerich, and the current film is no exception. We also decide that #batphooey is a good label for the show, but that does not necessarily mean that the film was not appreciated. 

Preposterous is not really a pejorative term in our lookback at the films of Roland Emmerich. In fact, some of the more ridiculous ways for the world to come crashing down around us are the most entertaining. Our guests appreciate a variety of actors playing it strait in silly scenarios, luxuriate in the mayhem of mass widespread deconstruction of both civilization and nature, and laugh at the tropes of this canon of films. You probably don’t want to be a step dad in a Roland Emmerch extravaganza.


Moonfall Without Spoilers 6:00

Moonfall Spoilers 32:30

Lambscores for Moonfall 59:20

Other Emmerich Films Discussed 1:01:00

Rants / Raves/ Reviews 1:40:30

Plugs 2:02:15

Tim   First Time Watchers   

Joe   Film Illiterates   

Jeanette   The Mundane Adventures of a Fan Girl  

Heather   Facebook Movie Review Posts 

Lisa   The Siblist  Between the Scares    

Richard   KAMAD   

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