Lambcast #625 Predictions for 2022

by Richard Kirkham · March 2, 2022 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments

So we are two months into the year and we have a lot of movies in front of us. It’s fun to do a little star gazing and speculate on what will hit, miss or flat out explode in our faces. This week the LAMB attempts to shake it’s Magic 8-ball, sort thru some tea leaves. Confident of her grades in Divination at Hogwarts last term, Jeanette Ward was the only soul brave enough to tread this path with Richard this week.

First up is a sure thing, a movie that is already assumed to be awful, a course correction or a dead end for a beloved franchise, and an action film from a director who makes arthouse films that are not really action based.

The Batman 3:15

Morbious 19:40

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore 25:40

The Northman 30:15

Next we get to the Summer Season with an eclectic mix of movies, including new entries into the MCU and Jurassic Park Franchises. Pixar has a sequel/reboot/reimagining/recycled? film from the Toy Story Universe, and the Greatest Entertainer to Ever Touch the Stage, gets the Baz Luhrman treatment.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 36:00

Jurassic World Dominion 41:27

Lightyear 47:30

Elvis 53:30

Do you like Minions?, if so there is a movie coming for you. Another MCU film, this one is from Taika Watiti, Tom Cruise finds his joystick after being put off for two years, and Jordan Peele looks like he is giving us aliens and racism. 

Minions 2   57:30

Thor Love and Thunder   1:00:15

Maverick   1:02:30

Nope   1:04:00

We finish off with a slate of films that we were not sure about, but subsequent to the conversation it became clearer which ones will actually make it to theaters this November and December. Two from the D.C. Universe look likely now, a third MCU film this year, not quite sure, but a Second Spider-verse, that is really Part 1, seems assured.

Black Adam   1:07:50

Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse Part 1   1:11:04

The Flash   1:12:00

Black Panther Wakanda Forever   1:13:21

And just for laughs, because we never expect it to really show up, :

Avatar 2   1:16:00

Jeanette and Richard engage in a little Oscar Talk   1:17:45

Extras   1:28:50

Rants/Raves/Reviews   1:31:10

Jeanette  The Mundane Adventures of a Fangirl   Still no Spiderman No Way Home Review, she waits for all of you to see it first because all she wants to talk about are spoilers.

Richard   KAMAD   Old Movies for the Weekend

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