Lambcast #630 Morbius

by Richard Kirkham · April 5, 2022 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments

It is hard to imagine that we went through this whole episode without the obvious Dad Joke, “How can I have Morbius if I haven’t had any yet?” If we can skip a corny line like that, you know you will be getting a sophisticated analysis of the new Marvel/Sony adjacent comic book movie. Okay, that may be overstating it a little but we do treat the film fairly.

Before we get to the comic book movie though, we have to talk about another cartoon moment in the cinema firmament. That’s right, if you haven’t had enough of it already, we take on Will Smith and the slap seen round the world, or as it might be appropriately labeled on this show “More B.S.”. Jeanette Ward, James Wilson and Bubbawheat, join Richard in a post mortem of the now legendary incident.

There was also some sad news this week about an action star that everyone on this show appreciates. We take a few minutes to talk about the loss of Bruce Willis from future film projects due to his medically necessary early retirement. Even though there are still eight Willis films in the can awaiting our hopeful eyes, we confront the end of a career that will always be highlighted by his participation in “Die Hard”.

“Morbius” is a “Living vampire”, created by a scientists’ search for a cure to his own disease. Is he a character that really merits a stand alone film, much less a potential franchise? Our guests today have their doubts. What nobody on the show doubts is that the movie we got is assembled in a way that more resembles Frankenstein’s Monster than Dracula. We discuss the shortcuts the film makers take, the casting of Jared Leto, and the suspicion that Sony is trying to hijack the MCU connection to pump up the box office.

Also get your Game Face on for a vampire inspired movie game to cap off our Rants/Raves and Reviews for the week.


Will Smith Commentary 3:50

Bruce Willis Retirement 25:45

Morbius Talk 37:00

Spoiler Wall Drops 59:00

Lambscores 1:18:20

Rants/Raves/Reviews   1:26:00

Vampire “Count” down Game   1:37:00

Plugs   1:49:30

Jeanette  The Mundane Adventures of a Fan Girl

Bubbawheat   Flights Tights and Movie Nights  Lyrical Innuendo Podcast   

James   Blogging By Cinema Light   

Richard   KAMAD  

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