Lambcast # 639 Summer Memories

by Richard Kirkham · June 6, 2022 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments

We were sorry to lose three guests before the show started, but they will be sorry when they hear how much fun we had cruising down memory lane. Whether you are a millennial, a gen-x kid or even a Boomer, you are going to find a story or two to tickle you. At least three dozen films get mentioned and undoubtedly one of them will be a favorite of yours.

Jeanette Ward has Star Wars films and MCU gems in the long line of Summer movies that she wants to talk about. She shares her story of a Hollywood Premier that she attended and remembers fondly getting her driver’s license and being set free upon the world. Our loose conversation got a little structure when she shared a list she had made, but mostly her infectious story telling will pull you in.

We get some representation from the other side of the pond as Tony Cogan talks about family trips to the States as a kid, and days spent in England during the summer with his grandparents. We Yanks get exposed to a couple of films that did not get released here but were a pivotal part of the British youth culture in the Summer. Tony is young enough that sequels might have been his first exposure to some franchises.

InGen is not the only organization that can bring you dinosaurs, after all, the Lambcast is hosted by Richard and the ancient 1970s and 80s are not going to be ignored. Who would have ever thought that we would be lamenting not having to stand in line for a movie? You will hear about an mythical time when trailers did not have their own teaser trailers.

Can you name a year when the Summer Movies stand out so vividly that they almost define you? Jeanette, Tony and Richard could, take a guess who had 1999, 1984, and who picked 2004, come on, it’s not hard at all.

Singing and Introductions

Summer Attitude 4:15

Pivotal Movie Years for Us 16:50

Lists sort of get started 29:05

Trailer Talk 33:30

More Lists sort of 36:50

Maybe a final list 41:30

Returning to theaters in 2020 1:00:00

Summer Plots Movie Game 1:16:10

Plugs 1:29:38

Jeanette The Mundane Adventures of a Fangirl

Tony Coogs Reviews

Richard Strother Martin Film Project

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