Lambcast #644 Thor Love and Thunder

by Richard Kirkham · July 11, 2022 · Featured, LAMBcast · 4 Comments

It has only been two months since the last MCU film was released in theaters, and we will have to wait twice as long for the next one coming in November, but this week we have something new in the series. “Thor Love and Thunder” is a stand alone film, with minimal ties to an overarching storyline, at least for the moment. Those clever producers at Disney will almost certainly find a way to work it into a timeline and plot twist at some point.

This film actually gives us multiple Thors, Guardians of the Galaxy and a variety of Gods, so it is pretty well packed. So is our guest list. Jeanette Ward, Bubbawheat and Jeffrey Lyles are all well versed in comic books, Howard and Richard are basically old school comics fans, so you will get plenty of representation on this week’s show.

Christian Bale emigrates over from the DCU to play the main antagonist in the film, and Natalie Portman returns from her self imposed exile to have Jane Foster take on the responsibilities of The Mighty Thor. Our guests have thoughts and largely shared opinions on these story elements, but you know a movie like this is going to draw some ire in some quarters for its comical view of the Universe in a moment of conflict.

Director Taika Waititi returns not only as the unreliable narrator Korg, but as a writer and the director of the film. Does a little Waititi go a long way or do you want extra lumps in your cup? The answer to that question may determine your enjoyment of the film.

There are plenty of laughs to be had, but that tone gets questioned by more than one of our guests on the show. Russell Crowe is the biggest God the movie, and the sequence involving him was the one that our panel had the most trouble agreeing on. If you can identify his accent as Zeus, you may have won a prize.

Come on and have a listen, we also have some Rants/Raves/Reviews for you so it is an hour and a quarter worth your time. 


Opening Thoughts Spoiler Free   3:00

The Spoiler Wall comes Tumbling Down   31:15

Lambscores   55:45

Rants/Raves/Reviews   1:01:00

Promos   1:15:38

Howard   Pop Art  

Jeanette   The Mundane Adventures of a Fan Girl   

Jeffrey   Lyles Movie Files   

Bubbawheat   Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights   It’s Time to Rewind   

Richard   The Strother Martin Film Project

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