Lambcast #651 Decade Lookback 1973

by Richard Kirkham · August 29, 2022 · Featured, LAMBcast · 1 Comment

If you want to hear five Lambs who are enthusiastic about every movie they talk about, this is the show for you. 1973 had so many films that were of such high quality, that there was only one overlap film between the five Lambs and their five films each.

The decade lookback episodes have become very popular here on the Lambcast, and this show illustrates why. Every guest chooses their own criteria for selecting their five films, and no two podcasters on today’s show went in the same direction. Dave Anderson, from “Free Kittens Movie Guide”, chose his films by listing the ones he has revisited the most from the 1973 list.

Round One: Musicals, Malick, Anime Porn, Danish Prizewinners and Bronson

The traditionalists will like the fact that Howard Casner of “Pop Art” simply tried to pick the five best movies of the year from his perspective, some of these will be acknowledged as some of the finest films of all time.

Round Two: Samurai, Split Screen, Horror with a notorious sex scene, Mitchum, and Warren Oates

David Brook from Blueprint Review is also from the Asian Cinema Film Club, so he stuck to Genre Films from Japan, with one Hong Kong Ringer. He almost skunked Richard until his number one choice. 

If they are not forgotten films, they are at least under-appreciated, so of course, they were championed by Todd Liebenow of the “Forgotten Films Podcast”. 

Round Three: Comedy crime, Yakuza, Ingmar Bergman, and science fiction

Richard stuck to his formula, he had to have seen it in a theater in 1973, and he can’t have talked about it on the Lambcast before, that meant no 007 and no Lee Marvin.

Round Four: More Samurai, Fellini makes the list, the only film from one director, assassins and crooks.

In case you didn’t notice, “The Sting”, “American Graffiti” , “”Save the Tiger”, “Scarecrow”, “Serpico”, “The Last Detail” did not make the top five list of anybody on the show. That should tell you how many great films there were from this year.

Round Five: Film making, Vengeance, Horror, Comedy Sci-Fi and our one overlap.

It was a long show but the Rants/Raves and Reviews went quick and we skipped a game. Find a couple of hours in your schedule, listen to our choices and feel free to share your own in the comments if you like.


Round 1 5:15

Round 2 26:45

Round 3 47:15

Round 4 1:04:00

Round 5 1:24:55

Honorable Mentions 1:55:15

Rants/Raves/Reviews 2:03:00


Howard Pop Art

Dave Anderson Free Kittens Movie Guide

Todd Liebenow Forgotten Films In and Around Denver

David Brook Blueprint Review

Richard KAMAD

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