Vote for September 2022’s Movie of the Month!

by Jay Cluitt · August 23, 2022 · MOTM · 1 Comment

It’s time to vote for September’s Movie of the Month! It’s another theme-less, anything goes month, where the majority of this month’s champions opted for the unofficial theme of “films Jay has never heard of”! There’s also the semi-regular theme of “Jay forgot about the MOTM poll and threw this together late” so apologies for that, and once again the voting for this month’s poll will be for a shorter period of time than usual. The poll is at the bottom of the page, but first here are the nominees:

Love Jones (1997) [Latoya, Franglais27 Tales]

US Marshals (1998) [Jeanette Ward, The Mundane Adventures of a Fangirl]

Chill Factor (1999) [Mark Hofmeyer, Movies, Films & Flix]

Proof of Life (2000) [Roger Wistar, Road House Minute]

Bellflower (2011) [Aaron Neuwirth, The Code is Zeek]

Vote for the movie you want to win here! The poll will close on Sunday 28th August, it’s going to end on this date, dammit.

If you’d like to submit a film for a future Movie of the Month, leave a message in the comments, or contact us on Twitter (@LambThe) or email largeassmovieblogs(at)