Lambcast #678 Triple Feature Time

by Richard Kirkham · March 13, 2023 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments

“Psychos, and Dinos and Bears oh My”, Ok, that’s not the way Dorothy and her friends chanted on the road to Oz, but it is the way you will be chanting as we skip through this week’s Lambcast. That’s because we got chased into a subway car by dinosaurs, where we we then ripped apart by Pablo Eskobear. This week is a genre mashup of movies that seem to show that the box office can still thrive, as long as you find the right sub-genre to exploit. Jay Cluitt and James Wilson join Richard on the show this week.

We started with the original objective of talking about the Astronaut vs. Dinosaur movie featuring Adam Driver. It turned out that only the most devoted of T-Rex fans showed up, so we expanded the show and hijacked a guest from the Jurassic Era at least, in order to make the show work. Which appears to be more effort than the makers of “65” were willing to give.

Woodsboro is not the location for “Scream VI”, this time the movie is set in NYC, which may seem revolutionary if we all forget that the franchise relocated to Hollywood for most of “Scream III”. The new cast is located in urban blight, attending a school set inside the city, and running not upstairs, but into bodegas and subways. Richard and Jay agreed this was their least favorite of the “Scream” films, but that meant very different things to each of them. 

Finally, we get to the most talked about film on the internet the last couple of months. If “Snakes on a Plane” was a title that told you everything you needed to know to decide whether or not to see the movie, “Cocaine Bear” will fall into the same category. 

The Exit question this week led to some current films, some obscure films and a re-share of Jay’s story about passing out at the movies.

Come listen and see if you agree that Nic Cage and a lower budget would have helped “65”, and that salad is something people should stop wasting their time on. 


“65”   2:40

Scream VI   27:13

Cocaine Bear   39:31

Exit Question   53:25

Jay   Deep Blue Sea The Podcast   Con Air The Podcast  

James   Blogging By Cinema Light

Richard   “65“,  “Cocaine Bear“, “Scream VI”  Roll Your Own with Frankenheimer 


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