Lambcast #693 Roll Your Own Top 5

by Richard Kirkham · July 11, 2023 · Featured, LAMBcast, Roll Your Own Top 5 · No Comments

We are knee deep into Summer and there are new films all around us. Who cares? We have lots of things to talk about and we will not be straightjacketed into the Spider-verse or told our Destiny. The Lambs want to make up their own rules and this week they come up with some guidelines that you will certainly enjoy.

If you are a surfer, you know there is more than one kind of wave. As a film fan, you should learn that the French are not the only ones to have a New Wave of Cinema. David Brook will make sure you hear about several national New Waves on this week’s show. Howard Casner changes his mind about movies, even at the risk of losing an arm. Dave Anderson wants you to know about the cinematographer who also directed his movies. Your host continues to be trapped in the 70s, but you won’t want to escape from the “Have a Nice Decade” movies.

Monsters, murder, missing girls, and music are the subjects of the second round of choices on the show. We get to go to Australia, France, Chicago and just outside Denton Texas for a bunch of movies that allow for alliteration. It’s an eclectic round for sure.

Early on we had a lot of Gene Hackman film talk, and now we start having the Sean Connery Conversation. Aside from James Bond, Connery may have been the biggest movie star in the world for several years. Do you think the greatest science fiction film in history needed a sequel? We didn’t but we enjoyed one anyway. Independent film making will not be part of the CCP controlled Hong Kong, but once upon a time…

Conspiracy theories, martyrs, movies that change from black and white to color, and killer rabbits, take up residence in the fourth round of our roll your own discussion. Howard gets hot about heretics, Dave Anderson is not a fan of Elliot Gould, David Brook likes weird movies, and somehow, the funniest movie ever made gets our attention as well.

The last on everyone’s list includes two Sean Connery films, David Lynch and a Czech film set during WWII that isn’t really about the war. Oh yeah, the late Jerry Goldsmith gets his third mention on the show, not too shabby.


Round 1 2:37

Round 2 24:26

Round 3 39:36

Round 4 56:15

Round 5 1:19:22

Exit Question of the Week 1:35:10

Five Franchise Game 1:45:52

Dave Anderson Free Kittens Movie Guide

Howard Pop Art

David Brook Blueprint Review Andy Goulding

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