Lambcast #697 Meg 2: The Trench

by Richard Kirkham · August 7, 2023 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments

No one expected Meg 2: The Trench, to be the second coming of “Jaws”, but neither did they expect it to be the second coming of “Sharknado”. Is that how it turned out? Our guests this week are not very forgiving of the movie’s shortcomings and the chum is in the water for the LambSharks to go crazy over.

This hybrid film feature Jonas Taylor gong the 007 route and becoming an eco-warrior. It’s not too long however before he transforms into John McClane. Later in the film he becomes Alan Grant. This is a film that borrows heavily from every other film franchise from the last 30 years. Does it all coalesce into something you will enjoy? You should come and hear what the Lambcast crew has to say about it.

We knew that a Megalodon eats a T-Rex in the prologue, hell that was in the trailer. If you thought that was all of the dinosaurs you’d see, well, you would be wrong. Jurassic World is coming to a Waterpark near you. You can buy your tickets to the ridiculously named “Fun Island” right now, or you can watch the last act of the first Meg Movie and enjoy the original carnage.

Ah, now eventually you do plan to have megalodons, in your megalodon movie, right?

It takes a while but the Megalodons do make a guest appearance in their own movie, but first you have to get past the “Core”, “Armageddon” “Diamonds Are Forever” sub plots (Sub plots, get it?)

We mention director Ben Wheatley at least once, but it is in the same sentence as Roland Emmerich’s name pops up, so that may also give you some hint of what to expect.

So if you like your Megalodons to be as well trained as velociraptors, and your Iron Man Suit to be submersible, as well as having a new episode for “Exploding Helicopter” and instant action hero toys (just add screenwriter shortcuts), then this is the movie for you.

We have a water themed, Meg adjacent Game to play in the second part of the show, and you will get to hear what made Lisa Leaheey, Dave Anderson and Darren Lucas have nightmares when they were kids.


Discussion 3:19

Spoiler Wall Fall 23:36

Water Monster Games 47:00

Exit Question 1:03:30

Darren Movie Reviews 101

Dave Free Kittens Movie Guide

Lisa Rabbit Hole Productions

Richard KAMAD

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