Lambcast #714 Anna and the Apocalypse-December MOTM

by Richard Kirkham · December 11, 2023 · Featured, LAMBcast, MOTM · No Comments

That’s right my friends, nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a zombie apocalypse. Of course when you add singing and dancing, it really does feel like a Christmas movie, at least that’s what Howard Casner would argue. As the champion of the film, Howard leads the discussion but frankly, the other guests probably played a part in the movie being selected as well. The Vern just covered it on his own podcast and campaigned here for a win, and just a couple of weeks ago, Rachel Wagner was recommending the movie as well. It looks like it was inevitable.

As the world turns into a steaming pile, a group of teen students in Scotland, struggle with choosing college or travel, sex or friendship, social justice or caving to the headmaster. All of this with some delightfully demented songs that celebrate the nihilism that surrounds them. Our guests discuss the practicality of mixing so many genres in one film, and the merits of a movie that is a mash-up of “Shaun of the Dead” and “Glee”.

There is plenty of zombie mayhem to go around, and the gore hounds among you will find lots of stocking stuffers for your nightmares. Plus you get some songs about longing for something better, being a zombie killer, and as a bonus, maybe the best new Christmas song in a generation. Why this film is not yet the cult phenomena that “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” became befuddles all of us. 

In spite of all the marvelous songs and fun choreography, you should not be looking for a Hollywood ending, because it’s not that kind of film. The Exit Question of the week points at Christmas movies and asks, “Why? Why?”, and Howard and Richard both have a game to contribute to the show. So turn the lights way down low, get out your corn for popping, and let it snow, Christmas has arrived on the LAMB.


Discussion 2:20

Spoilers Start 27:25

Exit Question 55:55

Tag, You’re It Game-Zombie Style 1:05:10

Horror Adjacent Christmas Movie Clues Game 1:19:20

Plugs 1:25:15

Rachel Hallmarkies

The Vern Cinema Recall Christmas Quickies

Howard Pop Art

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