Lambcast #715 Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget

by Richard Kirkham · December 19, 2023 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments

You won’t find any bigger fans of the original “Chicken Run” than here on the Lambcast. 200 Episodes ago, it was the MOTM. Tony Cogan and Jay Cluitt both claimed to be the films biggest fan, but it was Tony who pushed the sequel here, over the finish line, to be the new film that we covered this month on the Lambcast. The community chose this over all the other options and the result is here for your pleasure.

The title may refer to a new food product, or maybe it is the new character introduced in the story. Rocky and Ginger have hatched a nugget of love that they name Molly, and she is a chip off of both their blocks. Molly won’t be contained, much like her Mother, and she has a can do attitude of confident if unplanned adventure, like her Dad. A new adventure ensues, although it resembles some of the exact same threats that the original film contained.

This time out, the movie more closely resembles “Mission Impossible” than “The Great Escape”, because the goal is to break in rather than out. A chicken processing plant that feels like a 007 villain’s lair is the target. The protagonist is on a mission, and a backup team arrives to extract her. So maybe this is even closer to “Toy Story 2”. Even if the film is borrowing plot points, there is still plenty of creativity in execution. Aardman Animations has not run dry of originality. as the film is filled with visual delights.

The guests weigh in on story points and tone of the film, but the biggest controversies are over the recasting of some of the vocal performances in the film, that have been re-cast. There are still plenty of chickens in the movie so don’t ruffle your feathers. We do ultimately answer the question of whether this is farm fresh or a rotten egg.


Discussion 3:30

Spoiler Wall Falls 30:00

Final Thoughts of Nugget 50:00

Exit Question 57:00

Plugs 1:06:03

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