Vote for February 2024’s Movie of the Month!

by Richard Kirkham · January 22, 2024 · LAMBcast, MOTM, New Poll · No Comments

Continuing a tradition started several years ago by the previous host of the LAMBcast, the choices for the Movie of the Month Poll for February all come from Richard, the Host of the LAMBcast, who celebrates his birthday in February. This year. The host has offered up seven films for you to vote on, that are all Blindspots for him. There is a sixty year span of films to choose from. Was Richard lazy, afraid. or just disdainful of this set of movies? The only way to find out is to vote and then listen to the show starting February 19.

All Night Long 1981. An obscure film starring Richard’s Favorite actor.
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 1958. The year of the Host’s birth.
The Founder 2017. The newest movie on the list
Inside Llewyn Davis 2013. A Coen Brothers Film he actually skipped.
Mulholland Drive 2001. A David Lynch Film he skipped.
A Scanner Darkly 2006. Phillip K. Dick and Richard Linklater, he missed this?
The King of Comedy 1982. Not Kidding, never seen it.

Voting will Close February 11.