Lambcast #724 DUNE Part 2

by Richard Kirkham · March 5, 2024 · Featured, LAMBcast · 1 Comment

Welcome back to Arrakis, the one planet in the Universe that supplies the spice mélange, which allows interstellar travel. It’s only other significant export is jihad, and this week the guests on the show spend some time talking about the roots of that second product. Oh, we of course talk about the movie as well, a film that seems to be living up to everyone’s very high expectations.

Three years ago, the first part of Denis Villeneuve’s science fiction vision of the Frank Herbert book, appeared and was incredibly successful at the box office, in spite of being streamed simultaneously on HBO Max. Well, the service is now just called MAX, and it did not get the film before audiences could encounter it in a theater, one that had a different MAX brand,…IMAX.

Nick Rehak, Matthew Simpson, and Thomas Stoneham Judge, insisted on an upscale presentation: IMAX, Laser Max, Dolby Atmos. Nicole Ayers saw the film in a traditional AMC Theater, in a borderline neighborhood, and hers were the biggest reservations about the movie. So maybe the theater will influence your opinion. You will have to listen to find out.

Our guests this week make a few call backs to the first film, and the David Lynch version and even the BBC Mini-series of twenty-four years ago. Some of us were steeped in Dune lore from the books, and some of us only have the Villeneuve films to judge by. We get immersed in sonic engagement, visual splendor and story adaptations galore.    

The exit question this week probes our opinions about Science Fiction Remakes, and there is no game, but some outtakes do toss in a couple of stories that might make you listen until the end.


First Impressions 3:20

Storytelling 23:20

Spoiler Wall Comes Down 39:00

Exit Question 1:04:30

Outtakes 1:21:48

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