Lambcast #735 Inside Out 2

by Richard Kirkham · June 18, 2024 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments

The sigh of relief can be heard all over the entertainment industry this week. For a month, the studios have been dropping their tentpole movies of the season, and none of them have performed to expectations. It has been almost a year since a film opened to more than $100 million at the box office in it’s opening weekend. Studios and film fans were beginning to fret that the era of theatrical blockbusters was over. When your film can’t take in at the box office what it cost to make, your business model is screwed. Disney has suffered as much as anyone on this front, but it looks like a return to a previous Pixar franchise will alleviate a lot of nerves.

Our own emotions on the show this week are a little more mixed. Rachel Wagner praises the film but has reservations about the depiction of “Anxiety”. Damien Riley was so overcome with emotions that he missed the first hour of the show. AMC suffers the wrath of Nicole Ayers as someone in charge of the theater she saw some of the film in, needs to be demoted.

We talk about suppressed emotions, favorite characters, story problems and whether a black woman hockey coach in a public high school in California, is a depiction that goes a little too far. At least we will be able to classify this as a fantasy film the next time we do a draft for that genre.

Don’t worry, we are spoiler free for the first half hour and even when we cross that Rubicon, there is noting we give away that will spoil the movie for you.


General Thoughts 3:08

Suppressed Emotions 22:00

Characters 30:30

Spoiler Wall 33:13

Damien Joins the show 55:24

Exit Prompt 1:17:20

Rachel Rachel’s Reviews

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Damien Riley on Film

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