Another LAMB feature…

by Dylan · January 18, 2008 · Uncategorized · 1 Comment

As you might have seen or heard already, I’ve installed a new feature to the LAMB – and this is another one that you can take with you!

On the left sidebar, you’ll now see a widget that is a feed reader for all of the current LAMBs (that I could get a feed for). Jed of The Movie-Fanatic had requested this of me previously (or at least, something like this) and it’s a great idea.

Whether you just come here and browse through or it put it on your own site, it gives you a way to stay in one place and browse through the “latest hits” of the LAMBs, all in one groovy place. It even let me put an image in as the “brand” logo.

The only down side is that, as we get new LAMBs, the code needs to be updated to include their feeds. For now, I’ll be doing this manually on here, and if you put this widget on your site, it would need to be done there as well. It’s not entirely complicated, but it’s not super user-friendly, either. If anyone knows of a better feed widget that serves a similar purpose, please let me know…


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  1. Fletch, you are the MAN. I added this widget to my site… let me know if and when more URLs need to be added.

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