LAMB Newsbreak

by Dylan · March 24, 2008 · Uncategorized · 2 Comments

Just a couple quick things to share…

Nayana from The Center Seat went and nominated the LAMB for a Blogger’s Choice Award. The category is Best Entertainment Blog (and a few other categories. Sounds like a difficult category to win, but every vote counts! I believe registration is required, but I could be wrong…the voting page is here.

Also, it appears as though there’s a new sheriff in town, as there was no contest for the top spot in this week’s LAMB Leaderboard. LAMB #53, Final Girl, who was inducted here just a few days ago, must have herself some (well deserved) high traffic, as her post (and link) about the LAMB sent 95 visitors here in just about 4 days, easily setting the record in the short history of the Leaderboard. I haven’t been saving the chart each week, but I believe the previous high was 63. LAMBs, the gauntlet has been thrown down – let’s see someone crack 100! Also, another “record” in that 4 or the top 5 spots have created and sent in their site banners to me – coincidence??? (Yeah, probably.)

Lots more going on this week, as Sirens of the LAMBs heads towards the end of the first round, and many more new LAMBs on tap (I like to space them out so as to give every new one it’s fair shake at the top of the page). The only thing hurting? My own movie blog, which is feeling somewhat like the ugly stepsister right about now. Such is life…

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