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by Dylan · August 13, 2008 · New Poll · 6 Comments

Look at all the Arrested Development lovers! I knew I liked you LAMBs for a good reason.

Now I’m curious – most of you write about movies, but how many do you see in the theater? New poll is up in the sidebar already.

And while we’re speaking about polls, don’t forget to vote for your Top 10 Sports Movies – just one week left!


6 Responses to Poll results; new poll

  1. DJ Heinlein says:

    Sadly, I’m the only person who would like to see ER move into the big screen arena. I would love to see if they could pull off a similar stunt they had done with their live episode years ago. All of the doctors could return for a cameo in the movie version as well. Good times!

  2. J.D. says:

    I’ve only seen 20 so far this year. 🙁

  3. Nick says:

    I’ve seen almost 37 movies in theater thus far, and that doesn’t count the movies I’ve seen more than once in theater (which would take me over 40).

  4. Farzan says:

    Cant believe thiers no love for Seinfeld. Thats my favorite show of all time and I would love to see a film made about it. It could be their real good bye to the show. As for the poll, I usually watch the movies that I think look good. I mostly look at Rotten tomatoes for reviews

  5. Fletch says:

    I’ve seen about 40 this year. Looks like Mrs. Fletch and I are set to destroy last year’s pace, which I think was about 55.

    Farzan – I’d like to see a Seinfeld movie, amongst others listed…I just wanna see an Arrested one more.

  6. Farzan says:

    Glad im not alone Fletch

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