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by Dylan · October 19, 2008 · Plugs · 2 Comments

I didn’t formally request plugs from y’all, but I have a few stashed up that I wanted to get up before it’s too late (if it isn’t already):

* New LAMB Noirish City is hosting an Alfred Hitchcock Trivia Contest, and it’s taking place throughout the month of October. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page for details.

* The Lightning Bug’s Lair also has something special for October. Here are the details straight from the Bug’s, er, mouth:


It’s October, and in the 13 days leading up to Halloween, I will be posting a countdown of the The Lightning Bug’s personal favorite horror flicks to watch around All Hallows Eve. I’m not saying they’ll be the best to everyone, but they will be my personal favorites.

I’m looking for anyone out there who would like to submit their personal top 5 horror films for Halloween. Each day of the countdown I would like to have one of these lists as well. If you’re a blogger I’d be happy to put a link or banner to your blog with the list, or if you’re one of my loyal readers, let us know a bit about yourself.

Number 13 will be posted on October 19th so get your lists in soon as you can. Mail your lists to The Lightning Bug and take part in a celebration of every horror fan’s favorite time of year.”

* More October/Halloween-themed fun, as Jason from Invasion of the B Movies takes on the Halloween series. Here’s the skinny:

So the month of October has fallen upon us and I’ve decided to do something SO FREAKIN ORIGINAL it’s gonna BLOW YOUR MINDS!

For the last 9 days in October I wanna feature a review of a “Halloween” film!

Yes applaud me for my genius.

Anyway, I could use some help. If anybody wants to review/cover any of the Halloween films, including the Rob Zombie version, and post the review on your blog/site, then I’ll link it on my blog. For clarification:
-I’m gonna be doing Halloween 3 since it’s on my site but it needs to be updated badly.
-The other films are open though and those include:
Halloween 2
Halloween 4: Michael Meyers Returns
Halloween 5: Michael Meyers Needs The Money
Halloween 6: Seriously Michael This Is Getting Said
Halloween Water
Halloween Jesus
House of a 1000 Corpses Halloween

Ok those aren’t the actual titles but you get the point. Anyway, respond to this post or email me your pick, if you wanna do this to invasionofthebmovies at gmail dot com . I’ll need to know everyone’s picks no later than the 20th so it’ll give whoever picks the first Halloween time to have it up by the 23, the day the blogathon starts.

Thank you so much and let’s make this “9 Days of Halloween” fun. Original title, no?”

* Finally, he’s not a LAMB (though I think a few of you are familiar with him), but Jason from The Cooler emailed asking me if I would include a plug for him. Since he ought to be a LAMB anyway, I’m happy to oblige. He’s hosting the Politics & Movies Blog-a-thon. More details here.

Got a plug of own? An upcoming blog-a-thon, contest, or other event? Email me or post the details at the LAMB Forum (there’s a thread in the LAMB Bidness section).

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  1. Will you accept an already written review? I posted a review of Rob Zombie’s Halloween earlier this year. I’d love it to be included.

    What I Watched Last Night

  2. Jason Soto says:

    Yeah sure! Thanks!

    Now all the spots are filled. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to partake in this.

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