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by Dylan · April 15, 2009 · Plugs, Press Release · No Comments

Editor’s note: I’m throwing a slight curve again. I’ve decided to handle Plugs in the same fasion that I’m currently handing press releases and other movie-related news you need (might possibly want?) to know. So, same protocol if you have a Plug: either email me or post it at the LAMB Forums, but just remember that, if you do so, it will look something like this, so do it up right!

Guys and Gals, and fans of Subject:CINEMA:

Here’s my PERSONAL Plea to our most loyal listeners and fans – please go over to the PNR Blog ( and help us out! We’ve launched a campaign to get Michael Angarano a nomination for Breakthrough Performance – MALE at this year’s MTV Movie Awards for his work in Forbidden Kingdom.

It will only take you a few minutes to participate – the instructions on how to make this happen are on the blog. You must take part before nominations get cut off on April 20th.

Please spread the word around to all your contacts as well, and let them know this crazy podcast host you listen to is running this campaign – we’ll need THOUSANDS of people to participate if we’re gonna pull this off.

I don’t ask for much from our listeners, so this is one time we really need your help! And by all means drop me a line or twitter me and let me know you voted!

Thanks so much!!!

TC Kirkham
Webmaster, PNR Networks

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