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by Dylan · April 30, 2009 · Plugs, Press Release · No Comments
I would like to invite you to take part in The One-Line Review’s survey of “The 50 Greatest Films”. I am currently polling a number of professional and amateur filmmakers, critics, reviewers, bloggers, cinephiles, cineastes, and dedicated film-lovers in general, as to their favourite films. The deadline for entries is the 30th June 2009, and I intend to publish the results at the end of July/August at The One-Line Review (I will contact participators at the time.)

Should you be interested in taking part, please return your entry to, listing your choice of 50 favourite/most cherished/most admired films (plus comments if you’d like), the name that you would like to be shown as, any films, companies, publications, websites, blogs etc. that you are associated with that may be appropriate (including web addresses if possible), and any brief biographical information that you may wish to include.

Also, if you know of anyone else who may be suitable and interested in taking part, feel free to forward this on to them.

Thank you
Iain Stott
The One-Line-Review

[Editor’s Note: The One-Line Review has since sent in a LAMB entry as well, thus making this a Plug as well as PR.]

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