PLUG: Where Danger Lives

by Rachel · November 23, 2010 · Plugs · No Comments

Over the next few months on the Where Danger Lives blog, I¹ll be counting
down the 100 greatest posters of film noir. The posters are being considered
on the basis of their artistic merit, concept, memorability, and so forth
‹ not on the quality of the films they represent. For example, the poster
for Double Indemnity, possibly the most iconic and well-known film noir,
didn’t make the list. Stop by the blog each week and see what did. Each
poster comes with a brief explanation about why it was included, along with
a hi-res image for download. This is a brand new feature at WDL, and
hopefully one that will be of interest to a broader audience. In the “real
world” I’m a college graphic design professor and a long-time professional
designer, so this feature gives me a chance to mix work and play in an
interesting, and hopefully fun / educational way. The countdown begins on
Black (<--Noir!) Friday, but there's a post up now featuring ten posters
that didn’t make the list ‹ and why.


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