LAMBcast #81: Fall/Winter Preview (aka Our Top 5s for the Rest of the Year)

by Shep. Burman · August 27, 2011 · LAMBcast, Podcasts · 4 Comments

So many films, so little time. There was some worry early on that there would be overlap with a lot of our individual top fives, but that proved not to really be the case, as there’s a wide array of interesting flicks coming down the pike in the next few months. So many films that (spoiler alert!) not a single person chose either of Spielberg’s flicks or Scorsese’s kids’ movie. And to top it all off, we had another “only in a LAMBcast” moment, but I won’t spoil that for you just yet. Your host Dylan was joined by Nick, Sebastian, Tom and Sam. Apologies in advance for some slight audio wonkiness that can be heard during the show.

Also on tap:

* Rants of the Week

* Raves of the Week

* Last LAMB Standing

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4 Responses to LAMBcast #81: Fall/Winter Preview (aka Our Top 5s for the Rest of the Year)

  1. JoelB says:

    Man what an aggressive crowd you were! Gran Torino is f*ckin awesome!!! By far Clints best film in the last years. I do agree that his recent output has been lacking though.

    Dylan, Tom: Thanks for the twitter cred! I’ll reveal my secret when we hit 250 followers!

  2. Dan Heaton says:

    Great show, guys. I think your Top 5 lists covered most of the films I’m looking forward to seeing.

    Also, I’m amazed by Sebastian’s knowledge of Julianne Moore’s career. I’ll never stand a chance against him!

  3. Alan says:

    Nick, don’t feel bad. I didn’t love Sideways, either, and for most of the same reasons.

  4. Dylan says:

    @ Joel – Looking forward to 250 now! You’ll have it to that milestone in no time!

    @ Dan – I would’ve liked to match wits w/ Sebastian on Julianne. I think I’d have beaten him…

    @ Alan – Haha, but Nick’s whole problem was that he wasn’t naming any reasons! 😉

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