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snitch-movie-300x300Such a simple question…and yet it yields such diverse answers.  Such an easy question…and yet, when posed to five movie geeks, it becomes a philosophical conundrum.  The question: what films have you been watching lately, and can you narrow that list down to one to talk about.  One that you (hopefully) are passionate about, one way or the other.  As usual, the question yielded diverse results, brought to you by Dylan, Kai, Iba, Jay, and Nick Jobe.

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  1. The Vern says:

    I’m in defense of Jay. I liked Jurassic Park: The Lost World more then Jurassic Park III. Yes the whole idea of there suddenly being a 2nd Islandwas dumb. But I liked the Human characters more and the story was a bit more beleviable. I Buy Dr. Malcom going back to the island to rescue his girlfriend. That makessense. But Dr. Grant going back to the island because some rich guy says he will fund some other projects, doesn’t. Once he found out the truth about who they were. He should of used their son as bait. Also in the third movie I never got that anyone from the main cast was in danger. Once you see the black guy get eaten first, you know that these characters wont be in any danger because they are white. Any time something bad could happen they are saved at the last minute.

    • jaycluitt says:

      Thanks Vern. [Jurassic Park trilogy Spoilers:] The fact that all the deaths happened to really minor characters was another issue I had with JP3. Michael Jeter’s character is the only semi-supporting who gets offed (although I like to think Billy died from his wounds). At least in the second one you’ve got Peter Stormare and Richard Schiff dying (as much as I love those actors). And the rich guy paying Grant to go to the island was just another way of echoing the original film’s plot.

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