Who won the Nic Cage Career Draft?

by Dylan · July 28, 2013 · Featured, LAMBcast, Podcasts · 6 Comments

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Last week on the LAMBcast, we had another in our Actor Career Draft series, this time on the man/myth/legend/joke that is Nic Cage. We had a ton of fun – notably with not knowing which directions to take with a career as bonkers as Cage’s. There were twists, turns, and other special quirks to this draft, something I felt was fitting given our subject (be sure to listen to the episode – I also had a ton of fun with the post-production, to put it gently). Now that you’ve had some time to have a listen, we ask that you pick a winner, if it’s possible to have a winner in situations like this (one might argue that we’d already lost by participating). Anyway, the poll with the complete list of films and participants is below, as well as in the sidebar. Who won?

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6 Responses to Who won the Nic Cage Career Draft?

  1. Dan Heaton says:

    It was close for me between Joe and Dylan, but the inspired Red Rock West pick near the end won it for Dylan. Fun show! I like the change-ups of the format.

    • Dylan Dylan says:

      Thank you, gentlemen! Really glad to see the Red Rock West love out there! It’s a criminally underseen flick. Won’t necessarily knock people’s socks off, but it’s a solid, fun neo-noir, and Hopper is hilarious.

      Nolahn, you’ve summed up my draft strategy perfectly! Even better than I was able to – I didn’t know exactly which road to take, but I think my heart knew that it had to have a little of all of those, and yeah, if you’re gonna go Bad, you can’t get much worse/greater than Wicker.

  2. Outside of The Wicker Man (awful) and The Croods (have not seen yet), Dylan’s list was the strongest for me. Like Dan, Red Rock West was a a big factor for me. Love that film.

    • nolahn says:

      See, the Wicker Man pick is what won me over for Dylan’s list… I think to have a proper Nic Cage list, you need the good, the bad and the strange. He has the good (Raising Arizona, which probably should have been the first off the board), the strange (Wild at Heart, Bad Lt) and you can’t get much more Bad than Wicker Man.

  3. Nick Powell says:

    I voted for Justin, as he has 2 of Cage’s best performances- Matchstick Men and Adaptation. Dylan and Joe each have one of his best performances- Raising Arizona and Lord of War. I am very upset I missed this….

    • Dylan Dylan says:

      Me too. You’re a connoisseur of the Cage as well (and even more of a completest than myself after your epic journey), and I think you’d have selected a tough team.

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