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It’s summertime! The cinemas are filled with blockbusters and the kids are all off school, so what better time to take a look back at the films that shaped us when we too were young and free of all the soul-crushing responsibilities of adulthood.

Jay and Richard were joined by Getter, Audrey and Zoe to list their top 3 films they each loved when they were kids, a topic that was more difficult for some than others. Also on tap: similar messages from other LAMB members, a game of Last Lamb Standing and a meaty Rants and Raves segment tackling some of the biggest grievances in the world right now, and people singing in the theatre.

00:00 Intros
03:13 Number 3’s
23:45 Number 2’s
42:41 Other LAMB members
52:28 Number 1’s
70:38 Honourable Mentions
75:50 Rants and Raves
92:41 Last Lamb Standing
98:47 Plugs

Show notes:
Lambcasts: The Goonies MOTM, Roll Your Own Top 5, Guilty Pleasures, The Mummy MOTM, Spielberg Draft, Musical Draft
The Mummy scarab scene
Moulin Rouge! Elephant Love Medley
Aquaman trailer
Aquaman poster
Shazam! trailer
Thanks to voicemails and written messages from: Damien RileyDavid BrookJustin PolizziMovieRobNolahnRebecca SharpSean HomrigTodd LiebenowTony Cogan

Audrey’s Plugs:
1001 Movies and Beyond
Rated M For MacPhail

Getter’s Plugs:
Mettel Ray – Love, Simon, God’s Own Country
Across the Universe

Zoe’s Plugs:
Zobo with a Shotgun
That Moment In – Controversial Films

Richard’s Plugs:
Kirkham A Movie A Day – The Equalizer II, Skyscraper, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, Jaws
Hollywood ConsumerMCU videos, Mission: Impossible videos

Jay’s Plugs:
Life Vs Film – The Goonies, Salo

LAMB Plugs:
Director’s Chair: Brad Bird
Acting School 101: Edward Norton
Lambscores: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Vote for October’s horror franchise:

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