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And so it’s come to this. Covering a Netflix movie. What have we become? Well actually, we’ve remained a show that covers great, entertaining films, including the new release Extraction!

Jay and Richard were joined by Heather, Jeanette and Rishabh to go further in depth on Extraction than anyone thought we ever would. Let’s do this!

00:00 Intros
03:09 Rishabh doesn’t rank more Bond actors
03:41 Extraction synopsis & spoiler-free review
19:04 Extraction full spoiler review
62:02 Extraction final thoughts and scores
70:49 Rants, Raves & Reviews
87:57 Pyramid Game
101:17 Plugs
107:28 Out-takes

Show notes:
The Raid 2: Berandal chase scene
The World’s End Minute podcast
Binging with Babish Adventure Time bacon pancakes
The Offspring – Here Kitty Kitty
Stuntman supercut video
Some Good News

Heather’s Plugs

Jeanette’s Plugs
The Mundane Adventures of a Fangirl: Code 8
Tamarind Tribal Belly Dancing

Rishabh’s Plugs
Rishabh Vashishtha Reviews: The Midnight Gospel, Selah and the Spades
Aux Fiends: Discovery – Daft Punk, Melodrama – Lorde, Eccojams Vol. 1 – Chuck Persons, A Moon Shaped Pool – Radiohead

Richard’s Plugs
Kirkham A Movie A Day10 Year Milestone
Pop Art Podcast – Goldfinger & The Spy Who Came In From The Cold

Jay’s Plugs
Life Vs Film
Blueprint: Review
Pop Art Podcast – Monty Python and the Holy Grail & The Seventh Seal

LAMB Plugs
Acting School: Eddie Murphy, Henry Fonda introduction
Director’s Chair: Anthony & Joe Russo Introduction
Vote for the Movie Monster Draft!

00:00 Intros
03:11 Sean ranks the Bond actors
04:32 Heather discusses Running Scared
10:02 Sean discusses Welcome to the Dollhouse
13:27 Jay discusses Man Bites Dog
18:08 David discusses The Whole Town’s Talking
23:00 Richard discusses A Dandy in Aspic
29:44 Heather discusses Beautiful Girls
35:12 Sean discusses Society
40:28 Jay discusses Nevada Smith
44:37 David discusses The Fabulous Baron Munchausen
51:13 Richard discusses When 8 Bells Toll
57:01 Heather discusses Steal This Movie
64:13 Sean discusses Blood Simple
67:31 Jay discusses The Wages of Fear
71:20 David discusses The Big Clock
77:23 Richard discusses Eye of the Needle
84:43 Rants, Raves & Reviews
108:31 Pyramid Game
125:25 Plugs
133:02 Out-takes

Show notes:
When 8 Bells Toll poster
Diamonds are Forever poster
Off Book podcast
SNL at Home episode
Joey playing Pyramid

Heather’s Plugs
Movies & Tea podcast

Sean’s Plugs
1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die podcastThe Seventh Seal, The Tin Drum
Columbo Confab
The Best Picture Project

David’s Plugs
Blueprint: ReviewAndy Goulding’s top swashbucklers

Richard’s Plugs
Kirkham A Movie A DayInterview with David Lynch & Frank Herbert
Pop Art Podcast – Goldfinger & The Spy Who Came In From The Cold

Jay’s Plugs
Life Vs Film
Blueprint: Review
Pop Art Podcast – Monty Python and the Holy Grail & The Seventh Seal

LAMB Plugs
Acting School: Eddie Murphy introductionEddie Murphy bonus show
Director’s Chair: Anthony & Joe Russo Introduction
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Vote for the Movie Monster Draft!

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