Lambcast #576 MOTM Once Upon a Time in the West

by Richard Kirkham · March 22, 2021 · Featured, LAMBcast, MOTM · No Comments

As we roll through 2021, one thing becomes obvious, the Movie of the Month is going to be a good film. So far we have had three movies, all over 50 years old and if you check out the Lambscores, It’s unlikely you will find a higher rated trio of films.

Speaking of trios, that’s what we have joining Richard this week for the discussion. David Brook, Todd Liebenow join the film’s champion, James Wilson in taking on this film. They all take off their dusters and face Richard for an in-depth fawning of one of the greatest Westerns ever made.

All the tropes are present: the railroad as the progenitor of the films events, a truly warped villain, two anti-heroes, and a damsel in distress. There are shootouts and chases and betrayals galore, and because they are in a Sergio Leone film, their are accompanied by dozens of close-ups and an amazing Morricone score.

Charles Bronson stars as the mysterious “Harmonica” a stranger with a deadly agenda. Jason Robard’s Cheyenne would normally be the villain of the piece but instead he is the comic relief and one of the heroes. Leone turns convention on it’s head and makes one of the legendary screen good guys into a monster for us to behold in terror. Mr. Roberts or Juror Number 8 he ain’t in this film. Henry Fonda plays Frank, a character you will want to forget but will never be able to.

An international cast, covers territory in Italy, Spain, and Monument Valley to create a Western that turns John Ford on his head and will give you plenty to talk about. In fact it takes our four podcasters this week almost half an hour to get past the opening credits of the film.

So take off your dusters, pull up your pants and get ready to admire Claudia Cardinale as the real star of the film. “Once Upon a Time in the West” is a story you want to listen to.


Discussion 3:00

Lambscores 1:22:00

Rants/Raves/Reviews 1:24:53

Game: Location, Location, Location 1:35:40

Plugs 1:45:00

David Blue Print Review

James Blogging By Cinema Light

Todd Forgotten Filmcast, Walt Sent Me, In and Around Denver

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