Lambcast #597 Free Guy

by Richard Kirkham · August 17, 2021 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments

This week we finally get a film that has been promised to us on three other dates during the pandemic. The big question should be whether delayed gratification was worth it, but our guests this week found a lot of bigger questions to ask as well. This Ryan Reynolds vehicle is full of movie special effects and sardonic humor, but you will discover strengths and weaknesses that you never imagined.

Richard was joined this week by Lisa Leaheey, Howard Casner, and Darren Lucas as we discuss director Shawn Levy’s video game movie “Free Guy” and more. Of course there is a spoiler free section and we will also talk about characters in the movie, but this flock of Lambs found plenty of subjects to fit into this week’s episode. Our guns are blazing and we try to level up and crack the code for the next bonus round. 


It’s time to dive down several rabbit holes and find out if “Free Guy” ignores issues of diversity or embraces them. We seem to come to a consensus on Ryan Reynolds influence on not only this film but lots of others. If you missed your Philosophy 101 class, catch a refresher and see if existentialism in movies still exists. We also worry about turning into Pavlov’s dogs and being conditioned to wanting more every time we see a film. Let’s face it, we were all over the map and it was stimulating.

Whether you are a Gamer or a Newb, you will find this discussion of “Free Guy” worth an hour and a half of your listening time. Plus we have a couple of mini reviews in our Rants and Raves section, and Richard once again does his Chicken Little impression. You can also match wits with us as we confront a series of dangerous cults in a fiendish game prepared by Howard.

So put on your gamer goggles and become one of the Sunglass people.


Video Game Talk [ A Primer for non-gamers]   4:30

We finally get to the movie   13:30

Spoiler Talk   40:15

Lambscores   1:16:46

Rants/Raves/Reviews   1:20:15

Movie Cult Game   1:28:10

Plugs   1:43:30


Lisa   The SibList   

Howard   Pop Art   

Darren   Movie Reviews 101   

Richard   80s Nostalgia Central   

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