Lambcast Episode 596 The Suicide Squad

by Richard Kirkham · August 11, 2021 · Featured, LAMBcast, Uncategorized · No Comments

This week our group of super villains, “The Yak Attack” dissects the newest film from the DCEU, “The” Suicide Squad, not to be confused with simply Suicide Squad. There has been a range of opinions on line about the film, and not surprisingly, we repeat the pattern. Jeanette Ward, James Wilson, Todd Liebenow and Bubbawheat follow Richard onto the beach and into the face of enemy fire.

We are quickly introduced to several new secondary characters, but you don’t have to take notes, they will not be around for long. Our team survived the initial assault on the film but we did suffer some casualties along the way, including and sense of order. This movie is not going to merge well with The Batman next year, but it could probably be part of an Aquaman film. As they say, it is batshit crazy.

We discover that King Shark has let his chiseled body fall into Dad Bod Status, and that John Cena is Captain America’s asshole brother. We wonder if there is a difference between some characters, including some that are not in this film, but actually are. Idris Elba does a mean Will Smith impersonation, of a character who is not Will Smith’s character, do you follow? We had trouble too. Basically, it turns out that James Gunn has made a multi million dollar Troma Feature, now we need to decide if that was a good idea.

The one character who seems to be indispensable to this franchise has several moments that the Yakkers spent time Yakking about, and no one seems perturbed by the absence of a certain clown in the story. It mostly looks like if you enjoy mayhem, you will like our show, although that may not apply to the movie.

Rants/Raves/and Reviews follow the discussion as well as a game of dubious taste.


Spoiler Free Discussion 3:26

Breakout Character Talk 32:11

Spoiler Talk 41:45

Lambscores 1:06:20

Rants/Raves/Reviews 1:08:30

The Game 1:25:40

Plugs 1:35:50

Todd Forgotton Filmcast, Walt Sent Me, The Great Escape Minute, Through Dangers Untold,

Bubbawheat Robot Carnival, It’s Time to Rewind, Flights, Tights and Movie Nights

James Blogging by Cinema Light

Jeanette The Mundane Adventures of a Fan Girl,

Richard KAMAD, 80s Nostalgia Central

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