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Alert the media! Start a parade! Set fire to something! It’s the 2021 Lambpardy final!

It’s been over a year in the making, but the Lambpardy final is finally here! 27 LAMB members have duked it out across 12 shows, 36 daily doubles, 732 questions and at least one round dedicated to cinematic dildoes to arrive here with our final three. Todd, Lisa and Justin all have very different histories with Lambpardy but they all share one thing in common – winning this game would be the single greatest thing they’ve ever accomplished, but who will take the prize? Who will be crowned the 2021 Lambpardy Champardy? Listen to find out!

This month the contestants are:
Justin Gott – Rambling Ramblers Movie Podcast
Lisa Leaheey – The SibList, Between the Scares
Todd Liebenow – Forgotten Films, Walt Sent Me

Jay Cluitt – Life vs Film, Deep Blue Sea: The Podcast

Questions submitted by:
Aaron Neuwirth – The Code is Zeek, Out Now with Aaron and Abe
David Brook – Blueprint: Review
Dylan Fields – The LAMB
Emily Slade – Why This Film
Howard Casner – Pop Art
Marc Armstead – French Toast Sunday
Rob – MovieRob
Robert Zerbe – To The Escape Hatch
Tony Cogan – Coogs Review

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