Lambcast #668 Top Films of 2022

by Richard Kirkham · January 4, 2023 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments

It’s the end of one year and the start of a new one, just exactly the invitation we need for a Top Ten show. What did you think were the best films of 2022? You should feel free to share your lists in the comment section, but not before you listen to this epic Lambcast episode. Epic in the sense that it is almost as long as “Avatar:The Way of Water” and “Babylon” and definitely longer than “The Fabelmans” and “All Quiet on the Western Front”, films that all get mentioned on this show.

You will also hear the phrase “Pineapple Kiosk” on multiple occasions, because there were eight films that appeared on more than one list, including one that was on all five lists and another that made four out of our five lists. Consensus you think? Think again, because there are several left field entries that some of us had never even heard about. Don’t forget that everyone has their own criteria and the fact that one of the Lambs is from the UK, and you get plenty of diversity.

We also heard from a few Lambs who could not make the show but sent in their Top Ten Lists by audio file, so you will get to hear from them too. After the show had gone on for more than two hours, we cut down on the question of the week, but we still got quite a few answers to “What Film are you anticipating the most in 2023.

Get yourself a snack, something to drink, and a writing implement, because you have plenty of time while listening to the show to have some food and come up with your own lists. 


Lists from 10 to 6   2:55

Audio Message Lists   1:08:30

Letterman Style Top 10   1:12:50

Lists from 5 to 1   1:14:10

Question of the Week   2:42:15

Plugs   2:45:45

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