Lambcast #669 Off The Beaten Path

by Richard Kirkham · January 9, 2023 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments

It’s time again for a feature which became popular during our pandemic period, “Off the Beaten Path”. Our Lambcasters this week will attempt to direct the flock to movies that you may not be familiar with. We tried to avoid films already talked about on the site, and these are largely not covered by the guests either. We are taking you places that we think you may not have been before.

Nicole Ayers, Todd Liebenow, Howard Casner, Damien Riley and The Vern, have brought with them an eclectic selection of films, some that are going to be tough to track down, but all of us thought that the effort to do so is worth it.

Sometimes when you spin the wheel of destiny you get a fifties musical, or maybe a digital experiment. Heck it’s possible that John Wayne or Laurence Olivier might show up on a show like this. Jazz music and ghosts are to be found in the small corners of the Lambcast this week.

Tobe Hooper shows up a couple of times, and psychological thrillers can take place on a subway car or in vast jungles, deserts and mountains. The Australian highways and American Inner cities all have stories to tell as well. How do you like your animated films, hand drawn computer generated, or how about both?

Some of us are trapped in the 1970s and others in Montana. You will never experience Eurovision the way it shows up in one of our film suggestions. Some movies are simply hard to describe. Come find out why that is the case. 

You are also going to hear the answers to the question of the week:

“What Film was Recommended to you very highly and when you saw it you hated it and questioned your friendship with the person who suggested it?”

We would love to hear your answers as well. That’s why there is a comment section folks.


Round 1 4:57

Round 2 41:00

Round 3 1:14:38

Exit Question Answers 1:40:54

Nicole Mad Lad Post

Howard Pop Art

Damien Riley on Films

Todd Forgotten Filmcast

The Vern Cinema Recall

Richard KAMAD

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