Lambcast #672 Decade Lookback 2002

by Richard Kirkham · January 31, 2023 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments

There were a lot of terrific films released in 2002, also some 2001 films spill over in Great Britain so we throw in a couple of those as well. This week, the flock goes back in time twenty years to dig up some films you may love, some you may have forgotten and some you probably never heard about. These lookback episodes have been popular enough that we expand the guest list and end up with a slightly longer show than is typical, you will be glad we indulged.

Aaron Neuwirth went to his Letterboxd list for his 2002 movies, to pick some quality fare. He may have done the most last minute adjustments of anyone on the show as people picked a couple of his films and he went with back-ups.

Todd Liebenow had a selection of “Guilty Pleasures” that both amused and frustrated the other guests this week. The Tuxedo got a significant groan from a couple of folks.

“Alternative Oscars” was the theme for Dave Anderson’s list of 2002 films. Kane Hodder apparently should be polishing his Oscar for a basically silent performance.

Trying to class up the show with a list of documentaries, David Brook found some that are well known, controversial, and also heartwarming. Michael Moore may be a bully but he assembles a good film, and kids in school or spelling bees are surefire winners.

Seven year old Tony Coogan went to the movies in 2002, and that just about set his path on life ever since. We check out the films that inspired him to become the film fanatic that he has grown up into.

Finally, Richard goes to a series that he features on his own site, “Movies I Want Everyone to See” to dig out five gems from twenty one years ago, two of which were already chosen by other guests. 

The show goes a little long so we rush our exit question into ten minutes and bail out on plugs for the week, but you can find our guests at their usual haunts which are listed below.


Round 1   4:04

Round 2   34:50

Round 3   1:01:00

Round 4   1:28:13

Round 5   1:56:10

Exit Question of the Week   2:28:30


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