Lambcast #681 Buried Treasure

by Richard Kirkham · April 3, 2023 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments
Maybe in your parents garage.

Movie lovers have always prized those rare gems that only they have seen. Like pieces of eight we hoard them and sleep pretty because we know they are in a safe place, buried in our memories or deep in a box in the garage. Sometimes though, we go in search of plunder to add to our buried treasures and that’s what today’s show is all about.

Todd Liebenow, Dave Anderson, David Brook, and Howard Casner join the crew of “The Lambcast” in search of rare films to plunder on your behalf. Some of the films we dug up are only available on that ancient format that millennials barely remember, the VHS Tape. 

Thrift Stores Await

Physical Media is often the only way to obtain some movies, they are not streaming anywhere and the studios and streaming platforms are not yet desperate enough for content to deal with locating original elements to include in their service, boutique and pirate DVD sites supply some of the pieces of eight our marauders are seeking this week.  

When it comes to concert films, you might even have to dig up that most exotic of media platforms, the Laserdisc. Italian TV Movies of the 1970s, films dumped by their own studios, and orphans of music rights, are all over this week’s show. Japanese Sci-Fi movies could pop up just about anywhere.

The cutthroats on this week’s show are all over the place trying to help themselves and you, locate the difficult to see and even more difficult to own. We have a few successes, a couple of changes in circumstance since we set sail, and there is always the port of last resort.

So walk the plank with us this week as we travel the uncharted waters movie obsessions. There are tall tales of pirate booty, located by lucky crewmen, and sad stories’ of lost limbs as a cutlass or two keep us from digging up everything we might want.

After we pull into port, we settle back with a pint of grog and entertain one another with funny stories that are really movies. The exit question of the week asks

What are your three favorite comedies?

Between the five people on the show, an amazing thing happened, there was no overlap. Fifteen different films get mentioned so you all will have plenty of choices if you want to follow up.

Yo Ho, Yo Ho a pirates life for you awaits.


Round One 4:15

Round Two 32:30

Round Three 56:12

Exit Question 1:29:40

Plugs 1:41:45

Howard Pop Art

Todd Forgotten Films

Dave Free Kittens Movie Guide

David Blue Print Review

Richard KAMAD

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