Lambcast #684 Blind Spot Alley

by Richard Kirkham · May 1, 2023 · Featured, LAMBcast · No Comments

This week we travel down a dark passage, where our vision is limited and only occasionally does a shaft of light guide us. This is the second instalment of “Blind Spot Alley” , where our guests reveal the things they haven’t seen, finally saw, and also wished they hadn’t seen.

We go four rounds of Blind Spots, self disclosing our ignorance of some films, many of which others would be surprised we missed. All of us have those films in our back pocket that we have been meaning to get to. Sometimes it is a documentary that the whole world is talking about but you haven’t been able to generate enough interest to stream it. Maybe it is a Classic Film, or, perhaps , you saw Nine of the Nominees for the Academy Award Best Picture, but that three hour foreign language picture just keeps slipping out of your mind.

David’s List

David Brook has ambition. There is a seven and a half hour film on his blind spot list, that he still wants to see. He managed to cross off a film on his list that he appreciated, but warns us away from one that is widely loved, but not by him.

Nicole’s List

Nicole Ayers from MadLabPost, has a list of films that she has not seen that includes a Best Picture winner. She also has Netflix and Blockbuster DVDs that she never returned, and so she crossed off a film she enjoyed and one that bored her. 

Todd’s List

The Forgotten Filmcast may be adding some films to it’s growing inventory, but if Todd Liebenow has his way, John Waters first film will not be one of them. Amazingly, he has yet to see an animated feature that somehow escaped his kid’s orbit. He used a director’s list to compile his blind spots, and Woody Allen and Stanley Kubrick have movies on his still to see list. 

Howard’s List

Sight and Sound has a surprise film on the top of it’s list, so Howard Casner has added it to his list as well. He also has words for Martin Scorsese, and hope for Alfred Hitchcock. There are also a couple of 1970s films that slipped by him as a young man, that he hopes to catch up on now.

The Vern’s List

“The Last Action Hero” prompted one of the films on The Vern’s blind spot inventory. He also has Chaplin in his future as well as an obscure Sam Rami film.  He wonders why the Criterion Channel has “Poison Ivy” on it’s schedule. He goes strolling through his list like Peter Lorre contemplating a crime.

Richard’s List

Continuing to be stuck in the 1970s, host Richard Kirkham has a few foreign language films to fill in his movie background. The 1975 Jack Nicholson film gets checked off his list, and once again, he trashes Terrance Mallick’s self indulgent doodle.  


Round One   4:35

Round Two   32:00

Round Three   53:13

Round Four   1:07:28

Blindfolds Off   1:19:30

Exit Question Movie   1:40:30

Howard  Pop Art  

Todd   Forgotten Filmcast

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