Lambcast # 683 Invasion of the Body Snatchers Franchise MOTM

by Richard Kirkham · April 25, 2023 · Featured, LAMBcast, MOTM · No Comments

The Movie of the Month Lambcast lost a few guests along the way, but that did not deter Howard Casner, the champion of this month’s winner, who has for a second time been victorious in the April Franchise version of this feature. 

Richard and Howard find lots to talk about concerning Pod People on this Podcast. There are four versions of the story that are based directly on the 1954 novel by Jack Finney. The 1956 version is probably the most well known, but is it the best version of the story. We make some controversial claims about remakes vs. originals, and there are some conclusions you might not agree with.

The subject of huma beings being taken over by aliens is not new with this series, but the form of that absorption is different, and the consequences are bigger than in earlier science fiction stories with similar points. Howard asks some existential questions about what it all means (that is no surprise to regular listeners of the Lambcast), and those questions take us through different eras with very different consequences.  

You don’t want to fall asleep while you listen to Howard and Richard talk about individuality, conflict as a human motivator, a sexless society and dropping your kids off at home from a helicopter. You will also hear how the weakest of the four films, might be the most relevant one for our current society. All of the films involve a lot of running from others, so if you are a fan of chase films, this show is also for you. 


Discussion   3:00

Themes   8:00

Time Context   14:30

Endings   22:20

1993 Abel Ferrara   44:31

The Invasion 2007   52:10

Rankings   1:04:35

Quick Reviews   1:15:25

Howard   Pop Art 

Richard   KAMAD  

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